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Fear Not! 4 Ways to Make Losing Baby Teeth More Exciting and Less Scary

December 5, 2022

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Girl with missing tooth

The idea of losing baby teeth can be a bit scary for some children. So much time was spent welcoming these pearly whites that the thought of them falling out can leave a child fearful that it will hurt. A local pediatric dentist is here, however, to calm nerves and offer reassurance to little ones that this phase is normal. Here are four tips you, as the parent, can keep in mind to make saying goodbye to baby teeth exciting and less frightening.

Make the Tooth Fairy One of Their Favorites

The tooth fairy is a fun story that children love – an imaginary fairy that trades a lost baby tooth for money while the child is asleep. By sharing this story with your child, you can help them become excited at the idea of losing a baby tooth because each time they do, the tooth fairy will come! You can determine what will end up underneath their pillow at night, but by reading stories before bedtime, you can help them focus more on the tooth fairy instead of their loose tooth.

Turn a Lost Tooth Into a Celebration

Each time your child loses a tooth, make it a cause for celebration. Everyone must go through this stage to receive their permanent adult teeth, so it’s a big deal each time one of these tiny pearly whites falls out. When they come running to you about their tooth, give them something to smile about by congratulating them and telling them how exciting it is. You can even treat them to a special dessert or play date at the park.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explain

Some children do better when they understand the process as well as the reason why they must lose their baby teeth. If you believe your child will better accept this style, don’t be afraid to explain why baby teeth must fall out. Once they realize that it is necessary so that permanent teeth can erupt into place, they will be less likely to be fearful of the process. Also, their friends may try to instill fear into them, so remind them that while minor bleeding is normal, losing a tooth doesn’t hurt and that they’re unlikely to swallow it. Instead, all they need to do is apply a bit of pressure with a paper towel for a few minutes to stop any bleeding.

Call Your Child’s Dentist

Rarely is it necessary to call your child’s dentist for help when it concerns loose baby teeth; however, should an injury occur, it’s important that you bring them in to see their emergency dentist. While losing a baby tooth is something to celebrate, you should make sure they are aware that if pain forms anywhere inside their mouths, it’s important that they tell you so that you can get them appropriate treatment. As a parent, you should avoid applying any over-the-counter anesthetic gels, as they have a high risk for toxicity.

As your little one starts losing their baby teeth, keep them excited about the process using one of these helpful tips. Because it’s a natural process, they don’t need to feel scared or unaware of what is happening. Instead, share in the excitement with them as they say goodbye to the old and hello to a newer, more permanent smile.

About the Author
At Brush Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Mira Albert leads a team of pediatric dentists who make it possible for little ones to achieve healthier smiles. Offering a fun and exciting environment filled with kid-friendly amenities, we believe in helping children become enthusiastic about oral hygiene while keeping parents informed of ways they can work to improve and help their children maintain healthier teeth and gums at home. If you are looking for tips to help your child get excited about saying goodbye to their baby teeth, contact us at (630) 504-2223.

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