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Which Foods Can Improve My Child’s Oral Health?

November 5, 2022

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Making sure your children’s oral health is in good shape takes time, money, and effort. Remembering to take them to the dentist’s office for regular checkups and cleanings as well as making sure they practice good oral hygiene at home and wear proper mouth protection while playing sports is a big responsibility for a parent. But what if there were certain foods you could incorporate into their diets that are designed to not only benefit their overall health but also their teeth and gums? A local pediatric dentist is here to share which foods provide the valuable vitamins and nutrients your children need to maintain healthy smiles.

The Importance of Protecting Baby Teeth

If your little ones still have their baby teeth, you might wonder why it’s necessary to keep these teeth in place until they decide it’s time to come out. Maintaining a healthy smile from a young age helps to encourage better oral hygiene habits as your children grow into adolescence and eventually, adulthood. But just because these little teeth fall out on their own doesn’t mean they don’t deserve proper care.

Baby teeth that fall out too early as a result of facial trauma or decay can lead to improper alignment of their teeth if a space maintainer is not put into place in a timely manner. As a result, this can cause orthodontic treatment to be required in the future, which is not only timely but costly as well.

Building Healthier Smiles with Healthy Foods

Even with all the regular dental exams and cleanings and good oral hygiene habits practiced at home, your children might need additional help to minimize cavities, tooth decay, and possible gum disease. One of the most effective ways to stave off any bad oral bacteria is by incorporating healthy food options into your children’s diets.

Not only do some of these nutritious options serve as natural toothbrushes, cleaning off anything that is trying to adhere to tooth enamel and cause it to break down over time, but they also contain valuable nutrients and vitamins that help to combat decay, reduce gum disease, and protect the tooth enamel.

Some of the most beneficial foods you can include are:

  • Fruits and vegetables (i.e., pears, celery, cucumbers, melons), as they contain lots of water, which will help to keep your children hydrated.
  • Cheese (i.e., Cheddar, Swiss, and other aged options) can help to keep salivary glands working at an optimal level, flushing out anything bad inside the mouth.
  • Milk and yogurt, as these are great sources of calcium and can help to build stronger teeth.
  • Sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol, as this can improve saliva production and reduce bad oral bacteria inside the oral cavity.

Purchasing foods that are sugar-free or unsweetened is also helpful, as these are options that will keep your children’s smiles looking and feeling their best. If you have questions or need help breaking bad habits associated with food, don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s pediatric dentist.

About the Author
At Brush Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Mira Albert leads a team of pediatric dentists who make it possible for little ones to achieve healthier smiles. Part of maintaining good oral health is by making sure children eat good foods. Swapping out sugars and starches for fruits, vegetables, dairy, and lean proteins can benefit their oral and overall health, reducing the potential for cavities and even childhood obesity. Contact us at (630) 504-2223 to find out how we can help.

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