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4 Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Child’s Dental Health

August 5, 2021

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little girl smiling after seeing children’s dentist

You want to ensure the health and longevity of your child’s smile. You make sure brushing and flossing are part of their normal daily routine, and you remain diligent in offering healthier snacks as opposed to those full of sugars and starches. But do you know everything there is about keeping your little one’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible? A pediatric dentist who offers children’s dentistry is here to share 4 facts about your child’s dental health that will make a difference in how you help them care for their pearly whites in the future.

Cavities Are Preventable

Yes, limiting sugars and making sure your child brushes their teeth are great ways to minimize cavities, but you can also ask your child’s pediatric dentist about additional ways to prevent these harmful formations. With regular fluoride treatments, it’s possible to reverse the early signs of tooth decay. This natural mineral helps to combat bad bacteria that cause cavities while also strengthen tooth enamel.

It’s Possible to Give Your Child Cavities

While it may be hard to believe, the truth is that a mother can pass bad bacteria onto her child. According to a study published in Pediatric Dentistry titled, “Association of Mutans Streptococci Between Caregivers and Their Children,” the main contributor to tooth decay, Mutans Streptococci, can be transmitted from the caregiver to a child through various forms. If you think about it, mothers often kiss their babies, share utensils, and frequently blow on hot food to cool it down. All of these can indirectly lead to dental caries. This is why all women who care for young children must maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Sports Are the Reason for Many Dental Injuries

If your child enjoys playing sports, make sure they wear a customized mouthguard. No matter the activity, a sudden hit or fall can cause chips, cracks, breaks, or even knocked-out teeth, resulting in a trip to the emergency dentist. By having their pediatric dentist create a customized mouthguard, you can better protect their teeth while on the field, court, or track should a hard-hitting tackle, spiked volleyball, or accidental fall put their smiles in jeopardy.

Caring for Baby Teeth is Essential

Your child’s baby teeth will fall out one day but until then, it’s necessary that they remain firmly in place. These primary structures serve as a foundation and blueprint for their incoming adult teeth. When the time is right, they will fall out, allowing permanent ones to erupt in their place. Should your child’s baby teeth become decayed or damaged, it can negatively impact their future smile and even cause misalignment problems if they fall out too early. Regular brushing and flossing are key to keeping these primary teeth healthy and long-lasting.

Now that you know a bit more about your child’s dental health, it’s time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to safeguard their smile. If necessary, don’t be afraid to talk to their pediatric dentist about other ways to keep their teeth and gums in check as they develop.

About the Author
At Brush Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Mira Albert leads a team of pediatric dentists who make it possible for little ones to achieve healthier smiles. Offering a fun and exciting environment filled with kid-friendly amenities, we believe in helping children become enthusiastic about oral hygiene while keeping parents informed of ways they can work to improve and help their children maintain healthier teeth and gums at home. If you are looking for tips or suggestions to get your child excited about optimal oral hygiene, contact us at (630) 504-2223.

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