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We can talk about the quality of our dental care all day, but we know seeing is believing. Below, you’ll find pictures of actual patients we have helped over the years. It’s amazing how much of a difference one simple treatment can make, right? This is the kind of work we do every day, and we’ll be able to do the exact same for your child. If you have any questions about any of the procedures you see here, be sure to contact us today.

Sammy M.

Four year old Sammy M. is a typical active boy that sustained multiple traumas to his front tooth. It finally gave up and developed an infection that required it to be extracted a few years early. Sammy did awesome for his extraction and didn't shed a single tear! His parents did not want him to go without a front tooth due to his age. So, in a simple two step appointment, the tooth was replaced with what is known as a "pedo partial" in the dental world. Sammy was super excited to have a new tooth and expects big dividends when he eventually puts it under his pillow for the tooth fairy (we think it looks so good she might just be fooled into thinking it's a real tooth)!

Sammy's replacement tooth closeup Close up of pedo partial
(upper right central incisor)
Sammy with missing upper tooth Missing upper right central incisor due to trauma Sammy after tooth replacement Cemented pedo partial replacing upper right central incisor

Miss Addyson

Miss Addyson first visited when she was two years old, after falling down a flight of stairs and sustaining a jaw bone fracture. She has healed wonderfully.

Since she was two, we have been working on her thumb habit. At her last visit, we discussed using a motivational chart. Recently, she terminated the habit and achieved total success using a motivational 30-day chart with the prize being daily stickers and a trip to American girl at the end! What a special patient and special family!

Closeup of Addyson's smile during jawbone treatment
Addyson smiling after jawbone break is treated

Baby Teeth Cosmetics

This 3 yo male patient suffered from extensive cavities on multiple teeth. The first primary molar was so broken down that it needed to have a crown placed on it. Typically the treatment of choice is to place a stainless steel crown (silver crown). However, in this instance the parents were looking for a more cosmetic option.

Brush Pediatric Dentistry® is pleased to be one of the few practices in the country to offer a cosmetic option of a ceramic crown for baby teeth.

Closeup of damaged tooth prepared for restorationFirst primary molar prepared for the crown after the decay was removed. Closeup of tooth after dental crown placementFirst primary molar with the ceramic crown bonded to the tooth.