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Make Brush Pediatric Dentistry Your Dental Home in Hinsdale, IL

Dr. Mira Albert fully endorses the AAPD's concept of the dental home and feels that establishing one at Brush Pediatric Dentistry by your child's first birthday is a foundational step in shaping great lifelong attitudes about oral health.

By having a dental home for your child at a very young age, we can provide preventive care beginning with their first tooth and even be a place to go in case of emergencies.

We can also provide you with education relevant to your child's age, a place to turn to if you have an oral health question, and a place you can rely on for urgent care.  Should your child indeed have an emergency, we are a place where they will receive compassionate and appropriate care other than the hospital emergency room, which can become very stressful and costly. In addition, the emergency room experience may likely characterize your child's dental experience with pain and anxiety.  Having a dental home early may reduce the amount of dental treatment your child will need in the long run.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40% of children will experience a dental cavity by the time they reach kindergarten, and dental problems can begin in children as young as 15 months.  We know that the rates of tooth decay in young children's baby teeth is actually on the rise according to recent studies.

Your infant's first visit to the dentist should be a pleasant experience that will positively influence their attitude about future oral health care.

In addition, integrating infant patients into the practice enables Dr. Albert and her team to collect valuable information about your child and your family, and this in turn enables the team to develop an early intervention and prevention system.

An examination on a one-or two-year-old child doesn't involve a lot of treatment and can usually be done fairly quickly yet thoroughly. Depending on the degree of plaque buildup and the number of teeth present, an actual cleaning may be performed (usually with a toothbrush).  This is also used to demonstrate oral hygiene for parents.

The most effective and comfortable position for a very young patient, parent, and dentist is the "knee-to-knee" position. The doctor will sit opposite of you with your knees touching, and your child will sit on your lap facing you with their legs embracing you. The child then lies backward until their head rests on the doctor’s lap while you hold your child's hands. The position allows for excellent visualization of the oral cavity by both the parent and our pediatric dentist. It is ideal because it allows the child to see and feel the parent with minimal restraint while the doctor performs her examination. Once your child is a bit older and more willing to sit alone, we are more than happy to allow them to sit on your lap in the dental chair.

What is a Dental Home?

According to the AAPD, having a "dental home" means that your child's oral healthcare is delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way by a licensed dentist.

The concept of the dental home reflects the AAPD's clinical guidelines and best principles for the proper delivery of oral health care to all children, with a concentration on infant/age one patients. The dental home enhances a dental professional’s ability to assist children and their parents in the quest for optimum oral health, beginning with the age one visit as part of an overall oral healthcare foundation. Additionally, the establishment of the dental home will include referrals to our close-knit network of trusted specialists whom we call upon when necessary.