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Safer and Faster Visits with Digital X-Rays in Hinsdale, IL

Dr. Mira Albert and her staff only take x-rays when necessary.  They follow a "prescription radiology" approach.  What does this mean?  It means that they evaluate and assess each child and only take x-rays based on cavity risk or an inability to clinically view certain sides of the teeth.

Radiographs, commonly known as x-rays, are an important part of your child's preventive and diagnostic care routine. X-rays help us examine how adult teeth are forming in the jaw, detect problems, diagnose disease, evaluate injuries, and plan various treatments. Each child we see is different, and the need for digital x-rays will differ from child to child. We follow current radiology guidelines set forth by the AAPD and ADA. You can rest assured that Dr. Albert will always take a conservative approach, and that Brush Pediatric Dentistry; will do everything in our power to protect your little one's safety and dental health.

Less Radiation, More Smiling with Digital X-Rays

Little girl receiving panoramic x-raysAt Brush Pediatric Dentistry;, we offer modern dental care including digital x-rays. This technology offers several advantages over traditional x-rays. First and foremost, digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation! That's huge when it comes to your child's health! What else is great about digital radiography in children's dentistry?

  • Quick and comfortable
  • Enhanced, instantly viewable images
  • Electronic storage for instant retrieval
  • Digital delivery

How Digital X-rays Work

Instead of using film and a large, noisy machine, digital radiography only needs a small sensor. Exposure time is just a little more than one tenth of a second per x-ray, so your child won’t have to worry about their wiggles quite so much. This shorter exposure is one of the ways digital x-rays limit radiation exposure. Once the radiographs are complete, we’ll simply bring them up on a chairside monitor for review.

Are Digital X-Rays Safe for Kids?

Yes, Dr. Albert chooses to use digital x-rays in her practice because of safety. This allows us to gather information essential to your child's dental health without the risks associated with conventional x-ray methods. Even though digital x-rays produce much less radiation, we take no chances with your child’s health. We take additional precautions, including lead aprons and thyroid collars that shield and protect the body.

What If My Child Already Has Film X-Rays?

We understand you want to minimize your child’s exposure to radiation. If your child has previously had traditional x-rays, accepting film digitally is no problem for us. Our team uses advanced software that allows for the digital transfer of film for families transitioning into our practice.