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3 Reasons Routine Dental Visits are Important for Children

January 10, 2024

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a child having his teeth cleaned

The supportive structures of your child’s smile begin developing in gestation, and before you know it, their teeth will erupt and they’ll be ready to eat solid foods! Once they get older, they may require braces or be at a higher risk of developing cavities due to their diet or underlying medical conditions. All of these developments can be not only explained, but also closely overseen by a pediatric dentist at preventive visits! Read on to learn three reasons you should take your little one in for routine checkups and cleanings early on.

Making Sure Their Smile is Developing Properly

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends bringing children to the dentist whenever their first tooth erupts, or around six months old. While it may be tempting to wait until more of their teeth have grown in, these early visits are crucial to ensure their smile develops properly. They can also help educate parents on how diet and habits like thumb-sucking can affect children’s oral development.  

Detect Common Oral Health Concerns Early On

It’s no surprise that children are at a higher risk of developing certain oral health problems, like cavities. This is because they’re still learning how to properly brush and floss their teeth. Fortunately, visiting the pediatric dentist for routine checkups can help diagnose and treat these concerns early on, keeping them from progressing and leading to dental pain, as well as the need for more intrusive treatments. As stated in AAPD’s “Healthy Smiles: A Family Guide”, children who attend early preventive dental visits are significantly less likely to need restorative work as well.

At these checkups, their dentist isn’t just looking for cavities, though. They’re also applying fluoride to prevent the erosion of dental enamel, making sure their gums aren’t showing any signs of infection, checking to ensure their bite is balanced, and even completing oral cancer screenings. All of these examinations are important to ensure your child’s health and wellbeing.

Help Them Build Good Dental Hygiene Habits

Finally, one of the most important benefits of routine checkups and cleanings with your child’s pediatric dentist is that it teaches them good oral hygiene habits. It also helps them establish trusting relationships with dentists, easing the fear and anxiety that many adults who didn’t visit the dentist frequently as a child experience.

During their early visits, their dentist will teach them how to brush their teeth and floss, and they’ll also help them understand how certain habits can impact their pearly whites. This knowledge lets your little one better grasp the importance of keeping up with their smile, giving them the tools they need to keep their pearly whites healthy and intact all the way through adulthood.

About the Practice

At Brush Pediatric Dentistry, our team is led by five highly experienced and knowledgeable pediatric dentists, including Drs. Mira Albert, Lynna Gripentrog, Andreina Karamchandani, Maggie Rizzo, and Stephanie Bollow. With the collective decades of experience they all bring to the table, parents feel safe, comfortable, and confident that their children are receiving the top-tier care they deserve. For questions or to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, visit our website or call 630-504-2223.

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